WE cr8 Beautiful Packaging

Do you need to source a standard design for your products?

I want a standard design

Do you need a bespoke design for your products?

I want my own design

5 simple steps to working together

Step 1

We come to meet you and discuss and agree your requirements with our experienced cr8tives and production colleagues

Based on step one, we then cr8, design, construct and deliver to you a physical sample within 7 days

Step 2

Step 3

We cr8 a pricing quotation & production schedule to suit all your needs & requirements within 1-3 days of you deciding which design you would like to have

We manufacture your design in the selected territory that suits your company mandate the best, whether in Germany, Europe, Asia or USA

Step 4

Step 5

We deliver your finished production to your required address, on time, every time.

Some examples of bespoke packaging designs

Rigid Design

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Cardboard Designs

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Special Combinations

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Some examples of standard packaging designs

Rigid Design

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Cardboard Designs

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Corrugated Designs

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Shipping Materials

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Partners with profound knowledge

Working with cr8packaging was a real eye-opener for me. Never knew what was possible in packaging when bright people with profound knowledge and skills get to work on presenting your product the right way. Exceptionally smart team focused on getting the job done. Best partner in that industry I have come across so far.

Mario Zimmermann (Brille24 GmbH)

a Reliable supplier for STARTUPs

Its been very refreshing for our team to work with cr8packaging on the specific design we wanted , as they understood our unique requirements as a fast growing start up right from the moment we met. This gave us an instant level of comfort that made it easy for us to make fast accurate decisions. Its been a very satisfactory experience for us. 

Marius & Gennadi (Get Amber GmbH)

Rethinking packaging

Whenever our clients need some outstanding designs we let cr8packaging do the job. They know how important packaging can be in the eCommerce world and are able to develop unique and feasible packaging every time.

Julian Jost (printmate GmbH)

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